Taking Two Good to the people
In Australia, one in four women and one in six men experience a form of domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Charter Hall recognises that domestic violence is an important societal issue that is occurring globally. It is experienced across all cultures and all demographics and, in Australia, one in four women and one in six men experience a form of domestic violence at some point in their lives.

As domestic violence is experienced across the hundreds of communities in which we operate, we wanted to extend our support and commitment to this issue through our partnership with Two Good, a social enterprise which supports women in domestic violence shelters. In FY18, Charter Hall’s retail sector was proud to expand this support through the Delivering Good campaign. It seeks to raise awareness, helping people (including our own employees) to better understand this social issue and how to extend assistance to those impacted by domestic violence in our communities.

Whilst Two Good had delivered more than 60,000 meals to refuges and shelters since it began in late 2016, its reach had remained within Melbourne and Sydney. The Delivering Good campaign enabled Two Good to extend its reach and services into 26 new communities across four states and in regional areas, contributing $140,000 towards regional community awareness of domestic violence and the delivery of 20,000 wholesome, delicious meals to domestic violence shelters in communities where Charter Hall operates.

As part of its Work Work program, Two Good employed 11 women from domestic violence shelters to work in its kitchen for three months, enabling them to produce the extra quantities of food required for the Delivering Good campaign. Five of the women from the Work Work program have already gone on to secure full–time jobs back in their communities. Two Good also involved other corporate partners, such as NAB, to assist with the logistics and coordination of deliveries, while Charter Hall engaged with our retailers to assist in the logistics of food storage.

Charter Hall developed an innovative way to engage with shoppers, where they were invited to help complete a giant puzzle –with each puzzle piece representing one meal donated by Two Good to a domestic violence survivor and information provided on domestic violence. As the puzzles were completed, they revealed portraits of 12 of the Two Good community members, including Delivering Good ambassadors Neil Perry and Maggie Beer, as well as several domestic violence survivors whose lives have been changed by Two Good. Supporting video content helped tell their stories, reaching over 163,000 people on Facebook alone.

The Delivering Good campaign has directly benefited women and families in need in suburban and regional areas and it has given thousands of our customers a better understanding of domestic violence in their communities, and how to provide support and initiate conversations that seek to address the issue. Stage Two of the Delivering Good program will continue and scale in FY19.

“Let’s face it, when you’re not up for things, the first thing that goes out the window is what you’re eating. It’s a fast spiral downhill. There’s also the extra bit of hope women get from knowing the food has been cooked by fellow domestic violence survivors,” said Leigh Smith, Tamworth Family Support Service.

“What I love most about this campaign is that it is a business transaction. We are a business that does good and doing business with us allows us to empower more women who have been disempowered. There is no doubt this campaign with Charter Hall has fast–tracked our mission of delivering our goodness to every women’s shelter in the country,” said Rob Caslick, Founder, Two Good.