Our People
The success of Charter Hall is driven by our 474 people, who are our greatest strength and our competitive advantage. 

We recognise that our people seek purposeful experiences in their day-to-day working environment; and as a fast-growing business, we continue to reinforce a company culture that is aligned with meaningful purpose.

We also regularly review our employee benefits, our work environments, our approach to talent attraction, and the professional growth opportunities that we provide, to meet the changing needs of our people.

Our people are guided by our values:

  • Integrity: the right thing before anything
  • Collaboration: contribute your brilliance to others to grow  our success; expand capability through diverse connections
  • Expertise: use your smarts and all the ones you can borrow
  • Passion: outdo yourself every day; be the spark that ignites others
  • Accountability: own the issue and the solution; being accountable means you’re dependable
Improving engagement, year on year

We seek regular feedback from our people and our annual Employee Engagement Pulse Survey, undertaken by Aon Hewitt, provides valuable insights into our workforce. The most recent survey in May 2018 was completed by 94% of employees (up from 88% in 2017) and showed an increase in levels of engagement by 3% since 2017.

The key actions arising from our employee feedback are to continue the focus on supporting flexible working and providing a wide range of personalised employee benefits; embedding inclusion; and enhancing the efficiency of our systems and processes.

Promoting purposeful community contributions

Purpose plays a significant role in motivating people’s passion to outdo themselves every day. In FY18, we continued to give our people opportunities to contribute to the community through our Pledge 1% commitment. Since we introduced Pledge 1%, we have doubled our employee volunteering leave from one to two days per year and increased the options available for how this time can be spent. As a result, we have seen our people embrace the chance to take part in local and national volunteering programs with community organisations, such as Foundation for Young Australians, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Two Good, further increasing our impact.

After its success in FY17, our TED Tuesday program was expanded to include a range of ‘live’ speakers with purpose. Speakers included customers and market analysts, business leaders in renewable technologies (Jackie McKeown, WWF), community entrepreneurs (Ronnie Kahn, OzHarvest) and health and wellbeing advocates (Paul Taylor, Ritualize).

Championing innovation and inclusion

Innovation is playing an increasingly prominent role in our business, as we continue to target the development of key innovation capabilities. We encourage our people to get involved in initiatives such as the Cedric Fuchs Scholarship and the wider PropTech community to participate in the Charter Hall Accelerator program. Our approach has resulted in our inclusion in the Top 20 most innovative ASX 200 companies, in 2018, as rated by innovation consultants, Collective Campus.

In FY18 our people also took part in programs on Design Thinking and Human–Centred Design, which were conducted in partnership with Paul Hawkins from Crazy Might Work.

We recognise that an innovative business requires inclusive leadership–and through our Driving Innovation Through Inclusion program, we worked to challenge thinking, unfreeze attitudes and optimise performance by showing our people the real value that diverse perspectives can bring to teams. 100% of our leaders have now participated in development focused on building inclusive leadership behaviours and all our employees undertake annual performance and career development reviews.

To prepare our business for the future, with a considered focus on global and local risks, 100% of our people also participated in Risk and Compliance Training. This included training in anti–money laundering, counter terrorism financing, fraud awareness, privacy, integrity and compliance.

Attracting the best talent

In FY18, we continued to focus on attracting and developing talent through ongoing partnerships with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Western Sydney University (WSU). Our Charter Hall Scholarship Program offers students studying a Bachelor of Business (Property) degree at WSU or Bachelor of Property Economics degree at UTS the opportunity to gain hands–on experience while they complete their studies. Students are paired with senior Charter Hall mentors and, over a 10–month period, are rotated through key business units, from real estate investment and property management to property development and business services.

Since its inception in 2016, the Charter Hall Scholarship Program has taken two candidates each year and we have offered full–time positions to all, either within Charter Hall or with our partners, most recently with CBRE.

“The Scholarship enabled me to step outside my comfort zone and learn quickly within a fast paced environment.”

Lauren Kalina
2018 Scholarship Intern
Enhancing the onboarding experience

Creating strong connections with our people from day one is important to us, and this year we introduced a new mobile platform Enboarder, to help managers do this more effectively. It delivers candidates the information they need, when they need it, supporting them through the first 100 days. Now, from the beginning of their journey with Charter Hall, candidates will have a sense of connection to our culture, and this will be carried through their entire experience with our business.

Connecting more effectively with our customers

As a fast-growing business, Charter Hall identified the need to strengthen our customer focus and enhance our systems and processes by introducing a new customer relationship management system. This review identified opportunities to enhance our customer systems and processes by introducing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Implemented in FY18, this new CRM has given us a 360–degree view of our customers for the first time, enabling our employees to efficiently identify our customers across sectors, identify any opportunities, and keep track of who from Charter Hall is engaging with a customer at any given time. Our CRM provides a system to inform decision making and drive closer connection to customers across sectors.

Nuturing the wellbeing of our people

As well as connecting our people with a greater sense of purpose, we are also working to create an inclusive environment where all aspects of wellbeing are a priority. In FY18, we rolled out an inclusive leadership program across the group to support leaders to foster a deeper sense of belonging. We also revitalised the benefits available to employees at all stages of their lives, including Birthday Leave, Salary Continuance, 16 weeks Parental Leave, two weeks Carers Leave, two Volunteer Days and support for lifelong learning. These benefits were relaunched in December 2017 with a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ themed campaign.

In addition, we introduced Wellbeing Leave where our people can take a day to be proactive about their own wellness. This can be used to do whatever makes our employees feel good, whether it’s having a massage or catching up with friends.

We undertook a 12 week wellbeing program with Ritualize to create long-term healthy habits that drive performance across our workforce.

Our investment in our people’s wellbeing has also seen us integrate the International WELL Building tool into our tenancy fitouts, which resulted in our Melbourne and Perth offices achieving a WELL Certified™ Silver Interiors Rating. This rating reflects the ways in which wellbeing has been integrated into the design of our workplaces, and our ongoing commitment to our people’s wellbeing.