Material Topics
Guided by our customer focus and research on emerging issues, the following principles have been prioritised by our business.
Climate change and increasing climatic events / global warming
Climate Change and increasing extreme weather events have the potential to damage our properties, disrupt operations and impact the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and visitors.
Energy, water and waste efficiency and carbon footprint
The carbon, energy, water and waste associated with our large property portfolio can have significant impacts on our environment. Managing our impacts and optimising efficiency is also a crucial part of meeting Australia’s commitment to climate action under the Paris Agreement of 2015.
Energy security and pricing
Energy security and pricing poses a challenge due to increasing costs and power cuts during peak events, which create issues for our customers, our assets and for all Australians.
Innovation and technology
As the workplace and real estate technology continues to change, so do the needs of our people and customers. It’s up to us to respond by providing space and technology that meets these changing needs.
Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction
To deliver great customer satisfaction, we need to be flexible in delivering services and experiences that meet our customers’ expectations.
Community and social cohesion
The social cohesion of the communities in which we operate contributes to the stability and success of our local economies, connectedness and participation, helping us, with our customers, to address disadvantage.
Diversity and inclusion
An inclusive workplace is one of belonging, where employees thrive because they can be their whole and best selves. To enable our employees to thrive we leverage diverse perspectives and value differences based on a wide range of personal characteristics including gender, sexual identity, age and ethnicity.
Employee satisfaction and wellbeing
Employee satisfaction and wellbeing contribute to the stability, productivity and success of our company. We believe our people are our greatest asset and we need to provide the best possible environment to foster engagement, improve productivity and enhance wellbeing.
Responsible supply chain, human rights and modern slavery
Human rights and modern slavery are global issues material to all companies. While Charter Hall is an Australian property company, we need to work with our suppliers to understand their practices and footprint as part of our responsibilities in addressing global slavery and human rights.
Environmental impacts on wellbeing
Environmental wellbeing has an impact on productivity, operational costs and the comfort of the workforce both within Charter Hall and our tenants’ businesses. We have an important role to play in ensuring our assets meet customer expectations and contribute to the wellbeing of their employees.
Customer wellbeing and amenity expectations
Customer trends and wellbeing expectations in the work environment can have a major influence on employee health and wellbeing, with a flow–on effect to productivity. Our customers are seeking higher levels of amenity and wellbeing for their employees in their workplaces, to encourage retention and productivity.